Legal & Accounting Services

Regardless of us not being able to provide direct legal and accounting services, we are still able to provide facilitations that our wide network allows us. Through our network we are able curate best local partners for certain services.

We provide consultations in issues regarding:

  • Commercial matters that include establishment, reorganization, issues related to increase or decrease of fixed capital and liquidation of a company.
  • Administrative rights such as contesting and appealing options, representation in administrative proceedings, validity of administrative acts, preparation of applications and other documents within the scope of administrative proceedings.
  • Processing and recording of accounting documents.
  • Balance reconciliation of creditors and debtors accounts.
  • Invoicing; recording customers selected cooperation partner in accordance with customers provided directions and authorization.
  • Bank accounting, cash accounting, fixed asset accounting, advance payment accounting.
  • Preparation of operational financial reports.
  • Preparation of annual reports.
  • Preparation of operational financial reports.
  • A.O. non-standard services.