Company Creation

Currently, we are able to propose the formation of companies in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

The main types of business in Latvia are: individual merchants, limited liability companies, also known as SIA, joint-stock companies, and partnerships. There are two ways of setting up a company in Latvia. Either through the purchase of an existing firm or through the development of a new company.

Creating and setting up a company from scratch consists of four steps. The initial steps involve contacting us and submitting an application to start the registration process. Once the application is received, we will send out an email to you with the necessary documents attached, each document requires your signature on it.

The most plausible way of doing that is by printing out the documents, signing them and sending them back to us.

The next step involves both parties signing the documents at the notary’s office and submitting them to the Commercial Register to commence the incorporation of the company. The last step requires the investor(s) opening a permanent bank account.