Professional Services

Dedicating immense gratitude to our wide networks of partners in different fields and sectors of activity, owing to them we are able to provide our clients an extensive variety of services related to the following:

Company creation

Currently, we are able to propose the formation of companies in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.
The main types of business in Latvia are:

There are two ways of setting up a company in Latvia. Either through the purchase of an existing firm or through the development of a new company.

Creating and setting up a company from scratch consists of four steps. The initial steps involve contacting us and submitting an application to start the registration process. Once the application is received, we will send out an email to you with the necessary documents attached, each document requires your signature on it.

The most plausible way of doing that is by printing out the documents, signing them and sending them back to us.

The next step involves both parties signing the documents at the notary’s office and submitting them to the Commercial Register to commence the incorporation of the company. The last step requires the investor(s) opening a permanent bank account.

Administrative Services

We provide our customers with a wide variety of support services. These include professional translation services, assistance for notarisation, legalisation and an apostle on documents, a seal for a company, a virtual secretary, receiving calls, correspondence analysis, representation of interests, assistance in recruiting and hiring local employees and local partners, and lastly, License Acquisition Assistance.

Legal & Accounting Services

Regardless of us not being able to provide direct legal and accounting services, we are still able to provide facilitations that our wide network allows us. Through our network we are able curate best local partners for certain services.

We provide consultations in issues regarding:

Business Consulting

We are able to provide services at an incredibly wide range in regard to business and financial consultations.
We mainly focus on the giving consultation on the following matters:

We epode advice that involves redistribution of shares, property and prepare documents for the establishment of new legal entities. We are always ready to support finding the right solution to any problem.

Bank Account Opening

We are able to offer professional legal assistance in opening bank accounts for individuals and companies. Though, the bank(s) might choose to either refuse or accept an application from a non-resident.

Latvia’s baking system has the following advantages: